Based on PBFT Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism technology, ETB combines blockchain and enterprise mutual trust, and is applied to the mutual integrity between enterprises and the tokens of bill settlement. It guarantees the free exchange and market circulation of ETB, absorbs as many members as possible to participate in the dividend sharing, and develops services such as recommendation, registration and enterprise bill settlement. It allows businesses to trust returns to its essence and glow the new vitality. ETB gathers front-line technicians of blockchain industry, Internet industry practitioners and global corporate trust elites. Through comprehensive and in-depth market analysis, it has built an intelligent transaction serviceecosystem incombinationwithmarketdemand. Blockchaintechnology establishesa trustsystem based ontechnology rather than on agreed rules. Smart contract, distributed database and other technical feature make intelligent enterprise mutual trust share more transparent, authoritative and fair. In the ETB scenario, we are dealing with global corporate mutual trust, payments, and peer-to-peer transactions, including but not limited to corporate merchandise supply. ETB brings together corporate trust in offline brick-and-mortar stores. All the consumer platforms are in circulation, and they form a summary, liquidated, liquidated, and value-added. Other application scenarios include enterprise trust, investment, payment and settlement, and other personalized services.All participating roles can freely exchange and obtain services of equivalent value, and jointly form a perfect intelligent value system to provide high-quality intelligent services for all users.


ClintonMarin-CEO& Oneoftheprojectsponsors

Clinton Marin served as CEO of ETB project, responsible for product and business work. He has good communication and expression skills, adaptability and problem solving ability. He is familiar with the architecture of the project and is responsible for market development, project coordination and operation management of ETB project.

He is a senior engineer of block chain and has practical experience in miningcalculation force, miningpool system, encryption algorithm, digital wallet and so on. He has 12 years of experience in C/C++ programming under Linux/ Windows environment. He is proficient in Linux network programming, POSIX multithreaded programming and STL programming, shell scripting and makefiles. He has a good command of data structure, common algorithms and artificial intelligence algorithms suchasdepth,widthandheredity.


Edward Sanghi served as CTO in ETB project, responsible for the development of blockchain related technologies. He completed the daily development of ETB project and solved the technical problems in the development. He is responsible for the development of blockchain-based technologies including point-to-point network design, encryption technology application, implementation of distributed algorithms, data storage technology and other technologies. He is responsible for the design scheme formulation, and the related verification test scheme formulation and the review. He's an early investor in blockchain.

He has his own profound understanding and thinking on the currency industry and block chain technology. He has in-depth knowledge of distributed systems and advanced data structures


Profile:heisaseniorblockchainengineer,proficientinJAVA,JS,C++,Shell, Python,MySQLandsoon.Hespecializesintheprocessdevelopment ofCredit,Card,Paypal,GE,PurchaseOrder andsoon.Hehasin-depthresearchandpractical experienceonEthereum,Solidity,Truffle,consensusalgorithm,cryptography principle,digital wallet,etc.